Launched in 2009, the Boston Scholar Athletes program strives to increase opportunities for public school students to succeed on the court, in school and in life. We encourage athletic participation while providing the support students need to thrive academically.


In just two years, we've established a dedicated, staffed learning center called The Zone inside each of Boston's 19 Boston Public high schools. It's a safe, quiet space for scholar-athletes to study during and after school, with access to workstations, computers and the Internet – things often unavailable elsewhere.

Offered for free, Zone tutoring helps scholar athletes turn around their academic performance. They need to make the grade to play their sport, but students work closely with tutors to aim even higher. What happens is nothing short of transformative: scholar athletes are building skills, gaining confidence and creating their own opportunities for success.
  • 92% of active Zone members maintain eligibility.
  • SAT scores have increased by 150 points on average.
  • BSA Zone members are 25% more likely to graduate from high school.

The efforts that we and BSA’s generous donors have been able to make in just two years have already had profound results — but so many more students need our help. Please get involved. Students like Johanly and Daivon are hungry for success, they just need a chance. 

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Boston Scholar Athletes
Attn: Rebekah Splaine Salwasser
65 Allerton Street, Boston, MA 02119
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The BSA touches the lives of thousands of scholar-athletes every year, many of whom require uniforms and equipment. If you have new or slightly used athletic apparel or equipment, or other items that would support our efforts, let us know:

Boston Scholar Athletes
Attn: Rebekah Splaine Salwasser
65 Allerton Street, Boston, MA 02119

The Boston Scholar Athlete Program is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. If no goods and services are received,
all contributions are deductible when determining income and estate taxes.