There are now 19 Zone learning centers – one in each of the Boston Public High Schools.  The mindset of these Zones remains consistent with our first Zone; however, the programming has developed considerably.  Scholar-athletes who are struggling academically are paired with tutors; scholar-athletes who are excelling academically engage in our peer-to-peer tutoring program; scholar-athletes who are aspiring to attend college participate in our College Readiness Initiative program; and all scholar-athletes have access to the latest technology, school materials, and text books. They are surrounded by an environment that promotes sustainability and a mindset for academic excellence.

In addition to our trained BSA staff, each Zone provides the following amenities: 

  • Access to academic assistance through peer and outside tutoring and mentoring services
  • Work stations equipped with computers and internet access, Nooks, flash drives and printers
  • Monthly forums on important issues facing high school students
  • Improved relationships and strengthened camaraderie with teammates
  • Support for ineligible athletes to improve academic standing
  • Encouragement for incoming Freshmen to become involved with athletics
  • College Road Maps and handouts to provide more information to our scholar-athletes seeking higher-education 
  • College and post-secondary planning

Interested in becoming a BSA Zone Member? Please review our Zone Code of Conduct and Scholar-Athlete Handbook then submit our Zone Membership Form. Completed hard copy Membership Forms can also be submitted to your school's Zone Facilitator.

Need help finding your Zone? Please review Our Zone Locations map.